About Us


Dan Goossen remains committed to providing the most sound business and promotional practices within honorable, moral and ethical standards. The business of boxing is a highly energized and respected sport, which has made tremendous strides of bringing that same dimension to its integrity and continued growth. Goossen has been — and will always be — at the forefront of this movement and the overall respect of our boxers and our sport.



Dan Goossen started Goossen Tutor in 2002 without one boxer on its roster but started promoting boxing events utilizing long-established and respected ties to television broadcast networks, major casinos and arenas, along with the trust and respect from the boxers themselves.



The key members of the Goossen team have devoted their lives to the management and promotion of the sport since 1984, working with all the major and regional networkswhile staging events at some of the top venues in the world in Las Vegas Los Angeles, Atlantic City, Oakland, Memphis and many, many more.


Goossen has promoted or participated in many significant events over the last few decades with some of the biggest stars in the sport including Mike Tyson, Floyd Mayweather, James Toney, Bernard Hopkins, Roy Jones, Jr., David Tua, Michael Nunn, Gabriel and Rafael Ruelas, Terry Norris, David Reid, Paul Williams, Chris Arreola. 


And of course the 2004 Olympic Gold Medalist Andre Ward and super middleweight world champion and many, many more.


For most of these boxers — from preliminary bouts to the world championship level — Goossen has groomed and developed each and every one of them with grace, hard work and ethical standards, a statement on Goossen’s overall standing as a leader within the boxing industry and the company’s promotional skills.


In the decades of the 1980s and 1990s, Goossen operated Ten Goose Boxing. Named after Dan and his nine siblings (many of whom had roles in the company’s success), Ten Goose Boxing quickly became a mainstay in the boxing scene developing future stars.


Goossen’s first world champion was Michael “Second to” Nunn in 1988, and from there, two brothers – Gabriel and Rafael Ruelas – followed by both becoming world champions. All three had another thing in common: Dan’s brother — Joe Goossen — trained them from the beginning through their title runs.


In the late 1970s before Ten Goose Boxing, Goossen discovered and managed the career of bouncer-turned-actor Mr. T, who today still remains a dear friend of the Goossen’s.

Goossen has another client he currently represents outside the sport of boxing, the one and only “Hit King” — Pete Rose, one of the greatest ball players of all-time.


This frenzied pace and magnitude of events through the years is a tribute not only to Goossen’s savvy, energy and vision as a promoter, but his ability to assemble a solid staff of professionals which possess the confidence and trust to help make the boxers and the events very successful.  Tom Brown, his brother-in-law and matchmaker for the past 25 years, to his brother Joe, the Goossen team acts as one.


Goossen realizes that the stars are the boxers themselves, and that he is not one to rest on his laurels.  “I’ve always been proud of what we’ve accomplished for our boxers. It’s never easy, but when they get there, its always rewarding to see the growth and success of their hard work,” Goossen insists.