Travis Walker

Travis Walker
Weight Heavyweight
Height 6'4.5"
Reach 82"
DOB July 7, 1970
Birth Place Tallahassee, FL, USA
Lives Colorado Springs, CO, USA
Began Boxing 19 years old
Dominant Hand Right
Pro Record 19-0, 1 16KOs
Division Heavyweight
Manager Steve Munisteri
Trainer Dwight Pratchett/Dick Wood



Biography Below....


  • 2003 National Golden Gloves champion, super heavyweight

At the age of 27, Travis is a two-year pro. A heavyweight prospect, he has stayed active in the ring and made good progress.

Travis started boxing at the late age of 21 and had limited amateur experience before winning the 2003 National Golden Gloves Championship.


Assistant trainer Dick Wood said, Travis is just a monster, he's so strong. His development, he's probably fifty-percent better, I would say, than he was when he turned pro. We worked on his balance, which was a big thing. The strength and the power is just kind of scary, he's that big and that strong.

We're in camp in Pennsylvania with Wladimir Klitschko and he gave Wladimir the best work that he's had in camp.


Travis is going to be working mostly with Wladimir, because that's what they brought us for, but we're trying to mix it up a little bit. The thing I look for when we come to a camp is that, first off, you work the guy that they brought you in for, but any openings you get to get some different looks, you take them. You want to take advantage of a quality camp like that.

Wladimir controls everything with the jab, and if you let him, he'll control every second of the fight. But what we had Travis do, we had him try to take the play away from him.

He hit Wladimir to the body with the right hand, and Wladimir looked like, Oh, this guy's got a little power here.' So the jab went in double-overtime for Wladimir. When we took the jab away, Wladimir starting hooking and just as soon as Travis started to figure that out, he's back jabbing. This is a multi-talented guy, and you have to get in that mentality. Emanuel Steward adjusts Wladimir very well between rounds, and this is a great place to learn as far as the chess matches that the corners do. You couldn't hope for any better than that. Travis got to go to school today, but he's done very well. He passed.


Travis hits so hard that when he hits somebody, they're just gone.


Travis said, Anybody that's been watching my career since I turned pro knows I've advanced a lot in a short amount of time.


Watching tapes of my opponents is not a real interest to me. I just feel like if I come out and fight my fight, I'm going to make them fight my fight instead of me fighting theirs. Whatever their fight style is, they are going to have to change it. Everybody you fight, you fight different, you can never fight different people the same way. Some tapes I wouldn't mind checking out, because you can always find out what the person leaves open. Like if thye leaves the hook open, I got to throw a hook all day long and catch them with it.

Travis is a stablemate of heavyweight prospects Malcolm Tann and Rafael Butler, who are also managed by Steve Munisteri .


Fight by Fight - 2005 - on 8-27-05 in Thief River Falls , MN , he knocked out David Robinson (17-41-2): Travis scored a knockdown with a right hand in the 1 st round, and Robinson was counted out at 2:38

On 8-6-05 in Palm Springs , CA , he knocked out Kerry Biles (6-8-1): Travis scored a knockdown with a right hand in the 1 st round, and Biles was counted out at 1:51

On 6-9-05 in Temecula , CA , he knocked out Carlton Johnson (15-11-2) at 0:48 of the 1 st round

On 5-5-05 in Palm Springs he knocked out William Cook (7-3): Travis scored a knockdown with a body punch in the 2 nd round, and Cook was counted out at 0:40

On 4-7-05 in Temecula , CA , he won a 6 round unanimous decision against Carl Davis (7-1), scored 60-54, 59-55, 58-56

On 3-11-05 in St. Paul , MN , he TKO'd Marcus Rhode (29-26-1): Travis scored three knockdowns in the 2 nd round, and the referee stopped the fight at 2:00

On 1-20-05 in Houston , TX , he knocked out Michael Hamilton (0-1): Travis scored a knockdown in the 3 rd round, and Hamilton was counted out at 0:23


2004 - on 12-9-04 in Temecula , CA , he TKO'd Salvador Farnetti (3-8-3): Travis rocked Farnetti with series of punches in the 2 nd round, and the referee stopped the fight at 1:52

On 11-11-04 in Houston , TX , he knocked out Enoch Tucker (debut) at 2:25 of the 1 st round.

On 10-29-04 in Rochester , MN , he knocked out John Sargent (0-1) at 1:56 of the 1 st round

On 9-23-04 in Temecula, Ca, he won a 4 round majority decision against David Johnson (2-10-3), scored 38-35, 38-35, 37-37

On 8-19-04 in Houston , TX , he TKO'd Royphy Solieau (0-3) at 0:45 of the 3 rd round

He debuted at the age of 25 on 7-30-04 in Glendale , AZ , and TKO'd Ross Brantley (0-1) at 2:57 of the 1 st round


AMATEUR, PERSONAL BACKGROUND: 2003 National Golden Gloves champion gold medalist, super heavyweight: in his first fight on 5-27-03 in Las Vegas, Nev., he stopped Michael Wellendorf of Fort Madison, Ia.; in his second fight on 5-28-03 he won on retirement against Gregory Corbin of Dallas, Tex.; in the quarter-finals on 5-29-03, he won a 4-1 decision against Cory Landy of Albany, N.Y.; in the semi-finals on 5-30-03, he won a 5-0 decision against Travis Kauffman of Reading, Penn.; in the finals on 5-31-03, he stopped Kevin Lightburn of Springfield, Mo., in the 4 th round

2004 Olympic Trials, super heavyweights (double elimination tournament): in his first fight on 2-17-04 in Tunica, Miss., he won an 11-6 decision against Lonnie Zaid of Detroit, Mich.; in his second fight on 2-18-04 he lost a 15-4 decision against Jason Estrada of Providence, R.I. [Estrada went on to make the U.S. Olympic team]; in his third fight on 2-19-04 he won a 13-9 decision against Nicolai Firtha of Atwater, Ohio; in his fourth fight on 2-20-04 he lost a 30-25 decision against George Garcia of Glendale, Ariz.; after he was eliminated, Travis said, It's something I'll remember, but it was probably one of the worst tournaments I went to. Even some of the judges said this was some of the worst judging they'd seen.

Travis said, I was born and raised in Tallahassee , Florida . I got one brother and one sister. I'm not really close to my father. My mother took care of the family. She worked as a law clerk.

I played football in high school. I was on the weight-lifting team, I ran track. My boxing coach was the dean at my high school. You know, nobody likes the dean at their high school, and I didn't like him too much. He asked me to box when I was in high school, but I wasn't interested.

But I saw a fight on TV, I forgot who is was, somebody was fighting Lennox Lewis, and he got beat in like, I think 58 seconds of the first round. And the dude got $300,000 and that just stuck in my head that, I could be making that money.' I was basically sitting at home. I had a job, but it was a nothing job, it wasn't going anywhere.

So I went back to the high school, this was a year after I graduated. I asked the dean, I'm interested in boxing, does the offer still stand?' What he told me was, The gym open between five and eight, Monday through Friday.' I said, Do you mind if I come in?' He said, The gym open between five and eight, Monday through Friday.' His name is Alonzo Johnson . I went to the gym a week after my twenty-first birthday at the beginning of July, and I been there every week since.

I think I had 32 amateur fights, I'm not sure exactly. I lost eight. I think I'm a natural. I'm pretty athletic, I think it just came to me pretty easy.

I moved to Houston from Tallahassee in October of last year. When I'm in Houston , I train at Main Boxing Gym. I would like to mention my trainer back home, Alonzo Johnson. He really helped me get started. The gym back home is Fighting Tiger Gym. That's where I did most of my training before I moved to Houston .

I'm single, no kids.