GOOFi proves he can run and hide.

LOS ANGELES, May 24 - GOOFi proves he can run and hide.

It has now been three weeks since Dan Goossen of Goossen Tutor Promotions began searching for the elusive heavyweight known as "GOOFi", Lance Whitaker. And still there has been no sign of the heavyweight giant, who Goossen wants to put in the ring with two-time heavyweight champion Tim Witherspoon.

"This isn't personal, this is business," said Goossen. "Whitaker is 1-1-1 in his last 3 bouts, and he needs to get back into the top 10. Witherspoon is rated higher then Whitaker in the WBC and IBF and a victory over Tim would elevate him. Lance was considered a title contender just recently. Title contenders, if for real, don't need the "tune-up bout" against a bum, pretenders do. The money to be offered to Whitaker would be better then anywhere else. What would be better on his horizon?"

Some in the boxing industry have grumbled that "GOOFi" may in fact be ducking the resurgent Witherspoon, 55-11-1, with 38 KOs. One thing's for sure - Whitaker's promoter / manager Rock Newman hasn't been returning phone calls.

"Witherspoon is 44," exclaims Goossen. "He's a single parent and a grandfather who is commonly referred to as "Mr. Mom." He loves the buffets, and he mixes with the customers the night before his fights, taking pictures and signing autographs. I'll say it again - HE'S 44 YEARS OLD. But he still puts the fear of God into fighters, or should I say his fists still put the fear of God into them."

"Terrible Tim" is coming off a hard fought 10 round decision over rugged Ahmad Abdin on May 18, Witherspoon's fourth consecutive victory. Said Goossen, "Witherspoon showed stamina, will, speed, head movement and strength against someone a lot younger and very competent. Abdin kept his gloves plastered to his chin and didn't commit offensively which would have given Tim the KO opportunity. The bout was pretty much similar to Roy Jones' type of fights: in control, with a workmanlike performance. Tim's fireworks will occur with someone that is aggressive with Tim. The key point for Tim is, he LOVES to fight."

But will Whitaker be the one to fight him? It doesn't seem likely right now unless "GOOFi" wants to stand up and be counted.

As for "Terrible Tim", the former champ has only one thing to say: "Any other top contenders interested? I am."

If you have any information on the whereabouts of Lance Whitaker or his manager Rock Newman, please contact Goossen Tutor Promotions at 818-817-8001


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